As I was skiing today, I was thinking of the importance of facing downhill with my upper body and actually leaning downhill.  This can be scary when you’re heading down a very steep, snowy trail.  It’s sort of counter intuitive to lean down when gravity is already taking you down!  But, actually, facing downhill and looking downhill – looking where you’re going – slows you down, makes turning easier and reduces the risk of falling.  In fact, if you lean uphill and/or look uphill, you almost certainly will fall.

In yoga class today, as we were in downward dog about to jump through to a seated position, the teacher said, “look forward, between your hands so you can land there.”  In other words, look where you are going.

Riding on a mountain bike, if you set your sight on the obstacle in front of you – a rock, a mud hole, a branch – you will surely crash.  But if you look to where you want to go, beyond the obstacle – to your goal – you will probably get there.  That’s why in Spinning classes, we visualize the top of the mountain or the finish line or the last road. We visualize success!

By setting our intentions,  having goals,  looking where we are going … towards an exercise program,  healthier eating habits, reading more, being kinder, more compassionate, more patient… wherever it is we are going,  if we look there, we can get there!

2 Responses to Look … where you’re going

  1. diane iseman says:

    I love your spirit and your wisdom. Maybe when you come back I will begin to discover the joy of yoga or just working out-with your help of course. Your positive attitude is inspriing. We miss you. Can’t wait to see you! Love the blog-you have a great style and great style!!! Smile!

  2. Kristi Woodworth says:

    What sage, common sense advice for living…AND for skiing.

    Thanks Beryl! Hope you are enjoying the final days of the season!

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