Just in case you think that all I’m doing is skiing, well, you’re almost right. But, I have also taken many yoga classes here in Telluride, Co and 3 excellent yoga workshops that have deepened my knowledge of yoga anatomy (my passion), yoga therapeutics, pranayama (breathing) and meditation. As always, I will share what I have learned with you in our personal training sessions and in my classes.

I have skied every day. And every day that I have skied, I have been thankful that I’m back on the slopes after my devastating fall last year which resulted in a broken shoulder, surgery and lots of rehab. It also resulted in a new way of skiing for me. I am now a yogi on skis, which to me means that I am present, focused and always “in the moment.”

Present, focused and in the moment – isn’t that how we should live our lives?

The rehab for my shoulder was hard work, but as my father often told me, “hard work pays off.” Physical Therapy started the healing process, but consistent yoga, stretching and Pilates has given me back almost full range of motion in my shoulder with absolutely no pain. (And I’m not giving up on those few last degrees of range of motions – I’m still working at it).

I have learned from every injury I’ve had.  I’m constantly seeking knowledge and learning. Anatomy is my passion and I love yoga therapeutics and helping you; my friends, my clients.

I love being in the mountains, close to the royal blue sky, breathing the fresh air, skiing down the gorgeous snow! But when I come back, my focus will be on you! In the meantime, take care of your minds and your bodies. Stay present. Breathe. Exercise. Take care!

(This e mail will be my first new blog entry on my website in a long, long time. I am making a commitment to keeping a consistent blog that will be informational and fun to read)!

Be Present. Enjoy the moment,

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