Last year, after breaking my shoulder, leaving Telluride, missing the best 3 ski weeks ever, having surgery and way too  much anesthesia and pain killers, I was down and out.  Luckily, I went to see my very wise friend,  fellow yoga teacher and miraculous healer , Brenda Villa.

After a session of her healing,  magical touch,  Brenda said something ridiculous to me!  She firmly told me,  in no uncertain terms, that I had to “love my shoulder.”  I was in no mood to love any part of the body that had betrayed me.  Especially my shoulder.  But she insisted.

When I left, I thought about what she said.  I really thought about it.  And something in me shifted.  My attitude.

And I decided to love the very thing that was hurting me the most.

I balanced grueling physical therapy with gentle massage.  I alternated aggressive stretching with warm heat packs.  And my shoulder began to heal.  In fact, it was a miraculously quick and full recovery.

Thank you, Brenda Villa, for shifting my attitude.

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