(Or … How An Empire Can Become A Melrose)

After reading my recent blogs, my 80 something year-old mother e mailed me saying that she had tried yoga but, “it was a bit too slow for me. You know how hyper I am.  But at this stage of my life, I need some mental relaxation.”
WOW!  What a perfect reason to try Yoga!
What a blessing it is to have so much energy.  And if that energy can be focused, productive and enjoyable – instead of just hyper, then it’s really a blessing.  Sometimes, we use activity as a way to ignore the chatter in our heads.  Having an Asana (physical) Yoga practice can provide the doorway to quiet the chatter and begin to achieve clarity in our thoughts.
Good Luck, Mom.

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  1. Kristi Woodworth says:

    You are going to be an AWESOME 80-something year old lady!

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