Spring is (almost) here and summer is sure to follow! Time to shed heavy winter clothes and reveal who we are underneath it all.  Here are some super simple ways to reveal our very best selves:

1. Take a moment to take a deep breath of the fresh spring air.  Notice how good a really full breath makes you feel!

2.  Since we just gained an hour of daylight every single day, why not use it for an extra hour of exercise at least once a week! It doesn’t even have to be an hour all at one time.  How about a walk after dinner while it’s still light, an extra set of bicep curls, a bike ride or an exercise class?

3. Spring and summer bring an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. Try to eat only fresh – no boxes, no  cans. You’ll be reducing sodium, additives and chemicals and adding vitamins nutrients and taste.  Enjoy a gorgeous array of colors on your plate and delight in the delicious taste of  healthy, low calorie seasonal foods. For example:

* Artichokes: one medium contains 64 calories, 10 grams of fiber and cynarin, a substance which reduces cholesterol.

* Asparagus: one spear contains 4 calories, is water- rich which can help you maintain hydration, which can improve metabolism.  It’s high in Vitamins A & C and contains cancer fighting phytochemicals.

* Cilantro : how about adding a whole bunch to a salad!  Just 2 calories per whole, big, tasty bunch!

* Nectarines: 60 calories for a medium one, lots of fiber, plus lycopene and lutein, 2 powerful natural compounds that reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

*Pineapple: One cup is 82 calories and is an excellent source of bromelain an enzyme that reduces inflammation and aids in digestion.

One more important suggestion … be MINDFUL when you eat.  Take a moment to appreciate the bounty on your plate, eat slowly so you notice the taste.  Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.  If you’re mindful, you’ll know when that is.

Be present.  Enjoy the moment!



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