I always tell people that I have the best job imaginable. I help people of all ages become healthy, fit and happy. My goal is to make exercising fun so that working out, good nutrition and good health become a permanent goal and a way of life.

I’ve had my own Personal Training Business, Beryfit LLC, for 20 years and have had the opportunity to work with people of all ages, body types and fitness levels. I work with people in gyms, outdoors, in my home and in your home.

My career started 30 years ago, 6 months after the birth of my first son. I wanted to get in shape so I started going to aerobics classes.   Soon, I was teaching.  And I haven’t stopped.  I just keep evolving.  I’ve taught hi/lo aerobics,  step, even slide!  Muscle and Core classes, too.  Then 3 big things happened simultaneously: I became an A.C.E. certified Personal Trainer, became the Fitness Director at the gym where I was working and I brought the first Spinning Program to Cincinnati, Ohio, where I lived at the time.

I am a nationally recognized, triple certified A.C.E. Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor and Lifestyles & Weight Management Consultant. I am permanently certified by Madd Dog Athletics and Johnny G. as a Spinning instructor and I trained the first staff of 12 spinning instructors in Cincinnati, Oh., most of whom are still teaching!

I started taking Pilates reformer “privates” with an instructor from the Cincinnati Ballet 20 years ago, when it was just a “dancer’s” workout and no one in Cincinnati had ever heard of Pilates. I was fascinated by Pilates and wanted to learn more. I became certified by The PhysicalMind Institute and Pilates Coach.

At this point, my teaching schedule was full with Spinning, step, hi/lo, muscle and Pilates mat and reformer classes. And my personal training clients were reaping the benefits of a variety of different forms of movement. In addition to traditional weight lifting and functional training, I began incorporating  Pilates into workouts.

I had a pretty “full plate,” but when a Yoga studio opened up at the end of my block, back in Cincinnati, I knew I had to give it a try! It was an Anusara studio so I appreciated and absorbed the emphasis on alignment and anatomy. Several months later, I was invited to the teacher training and I couldn’t resist learning more!

After hundreds of hours of intensive teacher training, dozens of workshops, several important national conferences, participating in different types of yoga classes all over the country, important one-on-one work with a seasoned and respected Ashtanga teacher and a trip to India, I am an RYT200 certified Yoga teacher.

I am passionate about teaching all kinds of classes and I am devoted to personal training. Thirty years of experience with different types of exercise modalities has made me adept at integrating, modifying and adapting movement in order to best serve my clients and students.

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