You push the class to a great place, based on the ability of your students.  You have confidence in us and that makes us that much greater. – Nicole

No one has been able to do what you have done for me.  You have changed me forever. – Heidi Rattigan

You have been a friend to thousands through health, fitness and yoga, inspiring personal transformation in body, mind and spirit.  Your care to students and fellow teachers always made us feel better, we are always grateful and carry that with us deeply.  Mary Kemper

Beryl's knowledge of the exercise, anatomy and technique are evident in the way she teaches.  I genuinely appreciate her expertise as it has helped me improve dramatically without getting injured.  Beryl's passion for exercise is evident in the way she teaches and cares for people. – Anne Badanes

I’ve grown to love yoga because of you. – Megan Stovall

Her classes are the most popular, desired by exercisers of all age groups who want a complete workout and want to work hard. – Dana Kauffmann

I can (and do!) say without hesitation that you’ve been the finest instructor I’ve worked with. Thank you for sharing your many gifts with your Cinci Sports Club students – and for doing so with a visible and greatly-appreciated sense of genuine caring and enthusiasm. We all are so grateful. – Dave Prichard

Beryl was my trainer for 11 years.  During that time we worked all parts of my 84-year old body, strengthened it, improved my balance greatly and in general made me feel competent and healthy.  In addition, we had a lot of fun together and compared a lot of notes on a lot of different subjects.  She will not be easy to replace. - Barb Allen

Thank you for spending so much time and energy (which just seems never-ending!) teaching and motivating so many! – Kim Klum

Selfishly, I wish Beryl was not leaving Cincinnati.  But I know men and women in Boulder will be lucky to have her as a teacher. – Anne Badanes